Matwork, tailored to client’s specific needs, based on postural type and muscular strengths and weaknesses. By far the best way to learn Pilates, the fastest track to dramatic improvement!

Cost of One-to-One, single session: £60 / one hour

My aim as a Pilates teacher is to help bring about optimal physical well-being for all my clients, to counteract the effects of a modern lifestyle. Feeling great, both physically and mentally, is my ambition for you. The programmes are devised to develop greater physical ease and fitness for clients in the way they walk, sit, stand, travel and work and are delivered in the most convenient way for you. 

The exercises I teach are precise and flowing movements that engage the mind as well as the body, strengthen and stretch the muscles, add flexibility to joints, gives better posture and improves coordination, all without too much repetition. I will specifically tailor exercises to meet your aspirations and needs.

I also aim to educate my clients to use their bodies more efficiently and in a more natural way to prevent problems arising in the future. Many people have great difficulty fitting an exercise regime into their busy lives. I come to you the client at your convenience and at a wide range of time of the day or evening.

To book, please email 

or tel 07958204211

Cancellations are charged at the full rate unless 24 hours notice is given.

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