About Pilates

Pilates is a system of exercising based on the principles established by Joseph Pilates. It is a way of working muscles using controlled yet fluid movements to give strength without bulk, exercising all muscles of the body evenly without over or under development.

Pilates targets the strong deep postural muscles particularly those of the spine and pelvis to give great core stability to the body and to movement.

Pilates exercises together with focused breathing pattrens change the way we move and the way we use our bodies, giving improved agility, better posture, alignment and balance, and a greater body awareness.

And Pilates works! It is a very clever tried and tested method which realigns and corrects your body posture. It has well documented results and is used by top athletes, Olympic rowers, international rugby and football teams, dancers, models and actors, to enhance their performance and condition their bodies from the inside out.

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